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The Second Letter
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Five Stars
"...a standout sleuth...a worthy new entry into the suspense genre."
   —Foreword Clarion Reviews

The Second Letter

When Jake Travis is contracted by his ex-Army colonel to retrieve a missing fifty year-old Cold War letter, he quickly finds himself entwined in a world where the line between good and evil becomes increasingly blurred. The letter, written in 1961 by a CIA operative who met a mysterious demise, has ended up in the possession of Raydel Escobar. Assisted by his partner Garrett and neighbor Morgan, Jake relentlessly pursues the enigmatic Escobar and soon discovers that he is involved in far more than simply blackmailing the IRS in exchange for the letter.

A page-turning mystery with elements of literary fiction, The Second Letter is set on the West Coast of Florida. Its plot twists, cynical overtone, and witty dialogue forge a gripping and entertaining read. Jake discovers that only by risking everything can he define himself, secure his relationship with the woman he loves, and discover the message of the second letter.

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"(Lane)... has created a winning hero in Jake Travis."
   —Florida Weekly

"...certainly worth the read for fans of the genre...Lane also handily maintains a level of intrigue throughout the book...keeps the story flowing."

"...The Second Letter is an entertaining read fueled by a riveting story featuring a wisecracking
somewhat reluctant hero."