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Robert Lane Robert Lane
A Jake Travis Novel
The Cardinal's Sin
A finalist in the 18th annual Foreword Review INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards

The Cardinal's Sin
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Praise for The Cardinal's Sin:

"A cinematic tale...the prose is confident and clear...another entertaining mystery from Lane...possibly his best yet."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"This brilliantly calibrated thriller bests the leading sellers in its genre..."
   —Foreword Clarion Reviews, Five Stars

"Beautifully paced and structured mystery thriller. A strong cinematic element, (an) exciting reading experience...Florida noir at its best."
   —Florida Weekly

While concluding a European vacation with his girlfriend Kathleen, Jake Travis is given an assignment. Kill an international assassin who targets the loved ones of Special Ops personnel. The assassin is known to dress as a Cardinal and take contemplative strolls in Kensington Gardens. Jake completes his task and he and Kathleen return to Florida where he learns that he “clipped the wrong bird.”

Jake has murdered a popular and progressive Cardinal.

Jake must now track down a woman who can lead him to the real killer, before he strikes again. Kathleen recoils from their relationship upon Jake’s confession of his fateful act, leaving him to agonize whether or not he’s lost her for good. Meanwhile, Jake is obsessed with his struggle to answer the central question he desperately needs to resolve: why did the Cardinal use Jake to end his life?

Robert Lane

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